Optimize your repair process

As pressure increases to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime, there is a growing need to develop flexible repair solutions that work regardless of challenging conditions.

Whether that means critical ship hull repairs in water without the need for a dry dock, fast-acting wind turbine blade maintenance and repair solutions that stand up to heat and humidity, or outdoor adhesive solutions that cure fast at low winter temperatures, Huntsman has you covered.

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Key critical insights:

  • Discover innovations that reduce downtime by up to 50%.

  • Uncover new ideas that can speed up repairs by 90%.

  • Learn practical insights that widen your repair window and make previously impossible repairs possible, at extremes of temperature and in high humidity.

  • Understand the key considerations that hinder repair efficiency.



Minimize downtime, maximize efficiency

Especially relevant for those working in the wind energy, marine and outdoor industries, this white paper examines the key steps to take when making repairs in adverse conditions and the innovations that can create a longer repair window, boosting efficiency.

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